Stress Series: What Are the 3 Stages of Stress?

We are so stressed during this Pandemic. Because our brains are having such a hard time we need to be educated on just how impacted we actually are by this global crisis. Today Tara Boothby begins a short, 3 part series on stress. The psychology and neurology of stress are actually quite easy to understand. […]

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The Power of Words

Originally posted April 25th, and April 28th, 2020: In this 2 part interview Dixie Vandersluys discusses the importance of the words we use, and how shifting our language can shift our way of being. The impact of harsh language on our daily lives is interesting to consider. . website: . FB: . IG: […]

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Interview for YOUTV SHPK

During this interview with Jeff from YOUTV SHPK we discuss the return to in office therapy, as well as the benefits of virtual attachment/experiential counselling through Teletherapy. In these times many are in early stages of shock, and acute stress, or “bargaining with loss” and are experiencing body symptoms, self doubt, irritability, hopelessness, etc. These […]

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How Can You Become More Aware of Yourself?

Today Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist, reviews a very structured activity to help us make sense of what is going on inside of us. this is a great tool during times when we have overwhelming feelings, during conflict, stress, etc. And this is installment 4.3 of the Communication Toolbox. Do you want to become a better […]

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How has the Pandemic Changed You?

Originally posted May 13, 2020: Can you remember what the world was like for us back in January 2020? Can you remember what you worried about, what your struggles were? Can you remember your hopes and aspirations? Everything has changed. How do we make sense and notices the difference to our worldview? Tara Boothby is […]

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Who Are Your Safe People?

Today we catch up with Tony Zerbin again, MA (cand.). Tony speaks about dignity and mutual connection. What is this? And what does it mean for our relationships? Instagram: @Northbyseven Bodynamic: Home Home Do you need psychological support? Contact Sojourn Psychology Today: 78p-449-1196

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Why Do We Come Across Wrong?

Today we look at the Sender/Receiver theory. This is an old map that outlines all the filters that stand between one person’s message and how it lands for another person. Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist at Sojourn Psychology has been going through a great deal of foundational communication theory and material. Take a listen. How are […]

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What Is Written On Your Heart.

The Communication Toolbox Episode 4.1. Today Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist takes time to expand on the Gary Smalley’s theory. How can we change our negative beliefs? Do you want counselling support? Contact our office: 780-449-1196

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Where To Start With Communication?

Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist, talks about the inside view of communication. There are many experts in the field of psychology who let us know that communication starts from the inside out. let’s take a look at this angle of our series. Do you want support to communicate more effectively? Contact us today to set up […]

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Mental Health At Home & In the Community.

How Creativity Can Support Our Own Mental Health & Support the Community. BONUS BONUS with local artist Jared Robinson. Here Jared talk about how he has used his creativity to reach out to those having a hard time right now. . Instagram: JaredRobinsonArt . Facebook: jared Robinson Art . Web: . ; . […]

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