Interview with Dr. Sue Johnson.

Dr. Sue Johnson: Offering Something More Amidst The Pandemic.

Dr. Sue Johnson Speaks about Her Book & Couples Workshop: Hold Me Tight.

Here Dr. Sue Johnson, the Originator of Emotionally Focused Therapy, takes a few moments to discuss with us about the science of emotion and bonding. Sue is not only a trailblazer in couple’s therapy she is also an excellent author who cares about ordinary people being able to read and enjoy her books.

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As well, Sue has reduced the price of her online couples workshop by 50%!

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Anyone who knows Sue’s work is blessed by her as a person, a psychologist, and as a scientific researcher.
Thank you Sue!

Interviewer: Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist, Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor
Sojourn Psychology
Back art by Dale Kirchenman