Understanding Hoarding.

This is the first part in Lisa’s discussion on Hoarding. Lisa Rowbottom is a Registered Psychologist and the Clinical Director at Sojourn Psychology. www.sojo.ca

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Personal Rights In Relationships.

Every person has rights to their own identity. When is the last time you considered what these personal rights are? Check out this video of Tara Boothby discussing some new and old thoughts about upholding our dignity. This video includes a simple BONUS communication strategy at the end. We are glad you are. www.sojo.ca

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Making Sense Of Mental Health Hospitals.

Have you ever wondered what a psychiatric hospital is really like? This is a great review by Lisa Rowbottom, Registered Psychologist, of what psychiatric units are like in Alberta, and most likely the rest for North America. Lisa does an amazing job normalizing mental health and working to reduce negative stigma. We are glad you […]

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Schizophrenia Explained

What are the positive symptoms of schizophrenia? Lisa Rowbottom, Registered Psychologist and Clinical Director of Sojourn Psychology, does an amazing job in part 2 of her discussion on schizophrenia. This is the third part of Lisa Rowbottom’s discussion on schizophrenia. In this video she offers a review of some of the more difficult aspects of […]

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Kindness Is The New Success.

Kindness is always a topic worth discussing. Do you need some fresh inspiration and insight into how to cultivate your kindness practice? In this video Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist, discusses how our view of self and our view of others helps or hinders us, how to practice better self awareness, and how to mitigate negative […]

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Hope, Hope Molecules, & Trust.

Spring is in the air, and so are many important reminders of the power of Hope. But what is Hope? Is it just a spiritual jargon? Or, does Hope really have a biological and neurological benefit? Check out this short inspiration with Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist, and find out the psychological benefits of hope. We […]

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Warning Signs For Mental Illness.

Warning Signs For Mental Illness: What Is Normal? What Is Not? Explaining Or Excusing My Mental Illness. When we are struggling with trauma or mental illness there is a lot to navigate. It is important to know how we can talk about our unique experience with our own mental health. We are glad you are […]

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