This is a good one! Because: Hey, can you ever learn enough about relationships? my answer is a clear nope! The more we learn and notice attachment the more we can make sense of ourselves and the people around us. If you’ve got people relationships then we’ve got a psychologist for you. Sojourn Psychology

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How To: Consistency.

Are you struggling to get your routine on track? So many things have changed, are changing, keep changing. And it is tricky to keep on track. Listen in as we discuss starting, or restarting, your routine goals. Megan Just-Mancini and Tara Boothby are both Registered Psychologist practicing at Sojourn Psychology.

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The Gift Of Nothing: Tara’s Story Time.

This is a great little story about relationship, attachment & attunement. This is a classic story many attachment focused therapists have in their collection. And, it is super cute too! The Gift Of Nothing, written by Patrick McDonnel

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COVID Challenge.

Are you sick and tired of seeing “COVID” everywhere? It has been an impacting year, to say the least, and our physical bodies have taken a toll as much as our mental and emotional health. Tara and Megan started an accountability project with each other in April. This is the first glimpse into their experience […]

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I Had A Breakthrough.

In almost every self betterment movement we are encouraged to take up some form of meditation. And meditation/prayer/visualization is an amazing mental health tool. Today I am talking about how slowing down my brain and thoughts helped me shift my mind and energy. Tara Boothby is a Registered Psychologist and has lead the Sojourn Psychology […]

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The Emotion Wheel.

Have you ever wondered how an emotion wheel works? Katherine Moore is a Registered Psychologist and long time member of the Sojourn Psychology Team.

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Why Do My Feelings Get Me Into Trouble?

How are you doing understanding your emotion life these days? This video is a great overview of how our emotions are connected to our behavior, as well as a simple solution to tame our tantruming feelings. Are you struggling with emotion management? We’ve got a psychologist for that. Sojourn Psychology 780-449-1196

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What is LOVE?

One of the hardest questions out there to answer, How do you define L❤VE? Join OUR SOJOURN TEAM as a bunch of us mash up our definitions of this hot topic. Got problems with L❤VE? We’ve got a psychologist for that. Sojourn Psychology 780-449-1196

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The Power of Purpose & Getting Specific.

As you evaluate your personal boundaries, decisions, and goals what are the important things to consider? How do you take time to get slow and specific with yourself? Tony Zerbin is a Registered Provisional Psychologist and member of the Sojourn Psychology Team. Listen in to his great discussion with Tara Boothby. Do you need to […]

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Megan’s Story Time.

Special events can be stressful for anyone young or old. Managing our thoughts & feelings is not monkey business. 🙈 Listen in as Megan Just-Mancini, Registered Psychologist, shares a classic children’s book. Book: “Grumpy Monkey Party Time” by Suzanne Lang

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