“Love and Love’s Energy” 4 VLOGs

William Paul Young and Tara Boothby Discuss Life, Theology & “Love And Love’s Energy.” Wm. Paul Young is always worth tuning in for. This is a great conversation about righteous and unrighteous wealth, our humanity, our love for ourselves and others, and God’s love. We are so thankful for Paul and all he has done […]

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Attachment & Love-Energy

What Is Love Energy? With Tara Boothby, Author of “Love And Love’s Energy.” Attachment theory can be tricky to understand, but Love Energy is not. This short video helps us to make sense as to why some people seek out more connection with others and so tend to seek more solo connection. We move in […]

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Changing Behavior. FOR REAL!

Habit stacking and chaining behaviors. Another excellent resource from Lisa Rowbottom, Registered Psychologist and Clinical Director of Sojourn Psychology.

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Love and Love’s Energy: Love Yourself.

Love is not fluff and neither is self love. Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist and Author, discusses self love as a profound skill for our lives. Have you ordered your copy of Tara’s New book? Love and Love’s Energy is available to order on Amazon. CTV EDMONTON NEWS INTERVIEW With Kimberly Wynn: Self Love. Aired February […]

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Relaxation Tools.

Breathe With Me. This is a great short video with Lisa Rowbottom , Registered Psychologist, to help you practice self-regulating breathing. This is a good breathing skill to practice and incorporate into your stress management plan. Relaxation Tool: Body Scan. Another great relaxation tool from Lisa Rowbottom, Registered Psychologist and Clinical Director of Sojourn Psychology. […]

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Positive View of Self VLOGS

Negative Self Talk. Have you ever wondered what is the source of your negative Self Talk? Or, how your Self Talk can spiral out of control? Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist, talks us through how our patterns of negative Self Talk develop and gives suggestions on how to combat this very normal habit. The Things I […]

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Mental Health Christmas Vlogs

Holiday Survival Guide: Coping With Difficult People. Do you struggle with certain difficult relationships? Are you worrying about holiday events or friends and family you will be seeing during the festive season? Listen in as Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist, shares an important way to take pressure off of you as you consider what may be […]

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Am I Dating A Narcissist?

Am I Dating A Narcissist? Experiencing Personality Disorders In Relationships. Lisa Rowbottom, Registered Psychologist, continues discussing the dark triad and how Personality Disorder Symptoms can impact relationships. Psychopathy Explained.

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Love With The Naked Pastor.

A Big Conversation About Love With The Naked Pastor. Check out this Big Conversation About Love with David Hayward, The Naked Pastor. David is an excellent support for many people, and his message of inclusive love and healing from spiritual abuse has been life changing for many. David is worth following on social media and […]

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Deconstructing Boundaries.

Boundaries are one of the most common concepts we discuss in therapy. It is excellent to think on and reevaluate our constructs of boundaries. What are boundaries? Why do they help relationships? Why do we feel like bad people when we have to limit relationships? Tara Boothby Registered Psychologist Sojourn Psychology

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