Sojourn Psychology offers counselling for Families in the Sherwood Park and Edmonton Area.

Our psychologists enjoy working with families in a variety of ways. We understand that now-a-days most families are “modern families”, and we can aim therapy to support the unique needs you may be facing.

Counselling Topics


We are all individuals who all have families, and every family has a system.  Understanding and balancing the multiple relationships under one roof is difficult.  Balancing all the relationships in one family system is complicated.

Whether you are interested in understanding your current family situation or reaching out to adult children, or adult siblings; forgiveness, reconciliation and understanding attachment systems can be very healing.

Topics may include:

  • Abuse(s)
  • Anger
  • Attachment (insecure, disorganized, avoidant, anxious, and secure)
  • Apologizes
  • Boundaries
  • Communication
  • Crisis
  • Decision Making
  • Earned Security
  • Estranged Family Member(s)
  • Family Roles
  • Family History
  • Grief and Loss
  • Grudges
  • Guidelines and Expectations
  • Hurt feelings
  • Recovery
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Understanding

One of our Registered Psychologists is here to support your family.

Blended Family

Blended families, also known as step families, are common. Some concerns blended families may face are:

  •   Adjustment time for everyone involved
  •   Balancing shared custody
  •   Boundary issues
  •   Changing family dynamics
  •   Changing family rules
  •   Changing family schedule
  •   Children may resist changes
  •   Communication
  •   Parenting and Co-parenting
  •   Parents can become frustrated when the new family     doesn’t function like their previous family
  •   Respect
  •   Trust

We work with blended family systems frequently at Sojourn Psychology.

Divorce and Separation

Families experience separation and divorce.These changes impact family members in different ways. Psychological counselling is beneficial for families to help each family member to understand the changes that are happening. 

Counselling will help with processing through individual thoughts and feelings. It is so important that children feel supported to love both their mom and their dad.

There are many issues that could arise with parental separation or divorce:

  •   Balancing Relationships
  •   Balancing Time
  •   Communication
  •   Family Conflict
  •   Family System/Roles
  •   Grief and Loss
  •   Guidelines and Expectations
  •   Co-parenting Issues
  •   Sibling Rivalry

Sojourn Psychology does not offer high conflict mediation or custody and access services. 

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Understanding and balancing multiple relationships is difficult.  It is hard to balance our own role in relationships and it is also hard to watch as others try to balance their relationships.

Whether you are interested in understanding a current relationship or a past one understanding forgiveness, reconciliation and attachment systems is very healing.

Topics may include:

  •   Abuse(s)
  •   Anger
  •   Attachment (insecure, disorganized, avoidant, anxious, and secure) (Indent)
  •   Apologizes
  •   Boundaries
  •   Communication
  •   Crisis
  •   Decision Making
  •   Earned Security
  •   Estranged Family Member(s)
  •   Family Roles
  •   Family History
  •   Grief and Loss
  •   Grudges
  •   Guidelines and Expectations
  •   Hurt feelings
  •   Recovery
  •   Sibling Rivalry
  •   Understanding


We have Registered Psychologists on our team that have experience in supporting people like you on your journey to understand these things.

Parenting and Co-Parenting

There are many versions of “family” today, and without a doubt you have some version of “modern family” yourself.  It is important that parenting issues are considered case by case for this very reason. 

Many parents may choose to touch base with a psychologist to explain the complicated dynamics of your family system and to evaluate what parenting strategies and supports your specific family needs.

Our psychologists approve of parents.  We want parents to feel encouraged to ask for help and to feel safe to let their guard down.  It is difficult parenting, especially as family roles continue to grow and change. We believe parents are people like everybody else and parents deserve grace, empathy and encouragement like everybody else.  As well, we understand that parents want their children to trust that they are cared for and understood.

We do not do high conflict mediation or custody and access.  If you are unsure what this means feel free to call our office and ask.

Sibling Dynamics

Wrestling with sibling relationships is a normal part of childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  One of our psychologists can come along side of you and your siblings no matter what life stage you are in. 

Our psychologists understand the importance of considering the age, gender, life experiences, and hurts between siblings.

It is possible for siblings to be supported to find solutions.  Finding a method for siblings to communicate, establish guidelines and expectations, as well as to repair hurts and have hope to continue repair where needed. 

Our therapists enjoy working with siblings and family relationships.


Traumas are overwhelming experiences for families, whether the whole family has gone through the experience or only one family member.  

Some examples of trauma that families may face:

  •   accidents
  •   abuse
  •   assault
  •   bullying
  •   conflict
  •   divorce
  •   global disaster
  •   grief/loss
  •   life transition
  •   local disaster
  •   neglect
  •   threats

During these times families need extra support to manage the complicated emotions and easily misunderstood feelings that can arise.

Examples of common reactions to trauma are:

  • A state of ‘high alert’ and are ‘on watch’ for anything else that might happen
  • Feeling emotionally numb, as if in a state of ‘shock’
  • Becoming emotional and upset
  • Extreme fatigue  and tiredness
  • Feeling very stressed and/or anxious
  • Being very protective of others including family and friends
  • Not wanting to leave a particular place for fear of ‘what might happen’.

Trauma is important to get support for, let one of our team come alongside you and your family in this process.

Life Transition

There are a variety of transitions that can impact you, your children and your entire system.  Sometimes as parents it is difficult to remember how big of an impact change has on children and adolescents. 

 Types of life transitions:

  • changing schools
  • change of friends
  • divorce/separation
  • grief and loss
  • illness of a loved one
  • loss of hobbies/interests
  • loss of job/career
  • loss of a pet
  • moving
  • new hobbies/interests
  • new job/career
  • one child graduates

Symptoms that a family member is having a difficult time with transition:

  • anger
  • change in appearance
  • change in peer group
  • character shift
  • substance use
  • irritability
  • isolation
  • reckless behaviour
  • sadness
  • sneaky behaviour

Our team is passionate about helping families, and one of our psychologists is here to support you during this time.

Communication and Conflict

Family Relationships are constantly changing.  As children grow into teens and teens grow into adults the family roles will also grow and change which impacts family communication and conflict.  

Some communication themes your family may face:

  • Anger Management       
  • Balancing Relationships
  • Boundary Setting
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Empathy
  • Family Role
  • Family Rules
  • Forgiveness
  • Listening Skills
  • Love Languages
  • Social Skills
  • Sibling Rivalry

It can be helpful to have psychological counsel to support your family system and the changing communication needs.

Grief and Loss

Families go through difficult changes.  One of the biggest difficulties is that although a family goes through experiences simultaneously, every member has their own, unique journey with painful events.  It can be very confusing to balance all the different thoughts, feelings and perspectives during times of grief and loss.

Difficulties families may face:

  • Abuse(s)
  • Child Transitions
  • Illness of a Loved One
  • Illness of a Family Member
  • Loss of a Loved One
  • Loss of a Family Member
  • Loss of a Friend
  • Moving
  • Parental Separation and Divorce
  • Parent Transition
  • Trauma

It can be very helpful for a family to sit down together and gain empathy and understanding of each other.  It is good to have a supportive psychologist to help mediate this complicated process.

Our Therapists Specializing in Family Counselling