Back to School? Summer 2020

Is My Child Stressed Out?

There are many normal pressures children & youth face in August as back to school looms before them. But this year is extra concerning.

We need to be keeping an eye out for just how overwhelmed our kids are. And figure out how we can support our kids to ease the worries about going back to school.

Ellis Chan, R.Psych has over a decade of experience working closely with children, youth, parents & families.

Please do consider if your kids need extra support during this time.

Simple Ways To Support Our Kids Prep For School.

Do you need an action plan to support your kids before school starts?

The next few weeks are going to be a big deal for many children and teens. They will need adults, who are paying attention, to help them find their footing.

Ellis Chan is a Registered Psychologist and is one of our Child and Youth Psychologists. He works with many family system.

If you or your child needs support with all the big feelings that are showing up, please do connect with us.
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