A Woman A Day Interview with Katie Stanners Virgin Radio

Have you heard of the A WOMAN A DAY project that Katie Stanners is spearheading?

Projects like this are good for our community & good for mental wellness!

Sojourn is sharing this interview for a 2 reasons:
●Follow @awomanadayyeg & help celebrate our amazing local woman & their accomplishments.
●Nominate your ladies so they will be noticed & appreciated for all the amazing things they do.

Katie Stanners is an amazing woman in her own right! ❤ She is promoting positive kindness, celebration of others, & community awareness. Thank you Katie!

We truly hope this project will continue to ripple through our community. You can check out my bio and many others on the @awomanadayyeg IG & Facebook page.

Blessings to all the amazing women & the people who see them & celebrate them!