CTV News Interview: New Years Resolutions

CTV EDMONTON NEWS INTERVIEW JAN 4TH, 2023. Emotional Hangovers, New Years Resolutions, & Wellness.

This is a great little clip with Ziyah Karmali!
A brief interview about warning signs of burnout and how goal setting and setting our intention can help to prevent stress, or can be methods of intervene when stress piles up.

In times of stress, coming up with a coping plan is paramount. If you are feeling overwhelmed and concerned for your emotional state, this video is for you.

• What is an emotional hangover?
• How is an emotional hangover similar and different from stress burnout?
• How can wellness goals help to prevent burnout.
• How can wellness goals promote recovery from burnout.
• Self awareness, how mindfulness of emotional hangovers promotes personal balance.

Happy New Year! We are glad you are here,
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