What Is This Trauma Feeling?

Where do we look for answers right now? What is this emotion? This new experience?

This isolation?

This solitary sadness?

Listen in as Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist and student of Theology elaborates on a great new article.

Link to article:
Acedia: the lost name for the emotion we’re all feeling right now, Jonathan L. Zecher:

Why Do I Feel Bad About Feeling Bad?

Ooo… our reactions; our emotional expression; our self critiques.

It’s hard to notice all of our emotions about 2020 (at least it is for me). Noticing and understanding our reactions to ourselves and others is important.

Let’s talk about shame, blame and guilt!

Tara mentions Lorrie Brubacher an Emotionally Focused Clinician and Trainer:
And her American office is actually in Maine, good to know 😘:

How are you doing? If you have questions about counselling please do reach out.
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