A Mitre of Creativity.

Since March of 2020, and the big lockdown for Alberta, we all have been challenged on priorities and meaning. What is important? What is helpful to our mental wellbeing?

Today Kris Crawford, a local Sherwood Park businessman, talks about his fine woodworking, and how his creative talent has helped him cope, or as Kris says it: “find sabbath”.

Coming Along Side Our Community.

Supporting people make financial and housing decisions became one of these vital roles.

Today Kris Crawford, mortgage broker, talks about his experience coming alongside of our community at the onset of the lockdown. How he developed a method of supporting our community members as people considered deferring their mortgage.

Kris shares video of his projects on YouTube and socialmedia:
(780) 416-1085 kcrawford@innovativemortgage.ca
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