ABCD: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tool.

Do you need a simple strategy to help work through your thoughts and feelings? This tool might just be the perfect addition to your toolbox.

Ellis Chan is a Registered Psychologist & long time member of the Sojourn Psychology Team.

More Cognitive Behavioral Approach & the ABCDs.
Tara & Ellis go through examples from their own lives using a CBT lens and the ABCDs.

So what are the ABCDs?
A = Activating Event. This refers to the initial situation or “trigger”. This is basically the situation at hand that triggered your mental though process.

B = Belief System. Your interpretation of the situation, what you tell yourself about the event (your self talk) and your beliefs and expectations of others.

C = Consequences. How you feel and what you do in response to your belief system (the emotional and behavioral consequences).

D = Dispute. Examine your beliefs and expectations. Are they unrealistic or irrational? If so, what may be an alternative, more rational appraisal of the situation? A more realistic interpretation is likely to lead to different, healthier emotional and behavioral consequences.
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