Attachment & Love-Energy

What Is Love Energy? With Tara Boothby, Author of “Love And Love’s Energy.”

Attachment theory can be tricky to understand, but Love Energy is not.

This short video helps us to make sense as to why some people seek out more connection with others and so tend to seek more solo connection.

We move in and out of relationships for natural evolutionary reasons. It is good to normalize that we as humans are seeking to maintain connections that help us to feel equalized in our own bodies.

Attachment & Love-Energy: Tara Boothby & Kim Wynn, CTV EDMONTON MORNING LIVE, Aired Mar 13, 2024.

Attachment and Love-Energy:
Tara Boothby and Kimberly Wynn Interview on
CTV EDMONTON MORNING LIVE, Aired Wednesday, March 13, 2024.

This Interview is jam packed full of relationships and attachment information. Another great little overview of some of the themes of my new book.

“Love and Love’s Energy” is available for pre-order on Amazon and Kindle: