“Love and Love’s Energy” 4 VLOGs

William Paul Young and Tara Boothby Discuss Life, Theology & “Love And Love’s Energy.”

Wm. Paul Young is always worth tuning in for. This is a great conversation about righteous and unrighteous wealth, our humanity, our love for ourselves and others, and God’s love.

We are so thankful for Paul and all he has done for so many of us. He is a gifted author and teacher and a kind-hearted friend.

For more on Paul, his books and his ongoing events check out his website:

Wm Paul Young | The Shack // Eve // Crossroads

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“Heart Core” and “Love and Love’s Energy”, a deep dive with Jared Robinson & Tara Boothby.

“Heart Core” is a beautiful image and a muse for “Love and Love’s Energy.”

Listen in as long-time friends, turned collaborators, Jared Robinson and Tara Boothby, discuss art and writing and friendship.

Jared is a dear friend of Tara’s and Sojourn’s. the whimsy and thoughtfulness of his art have been a staple at our clinic for years. He is a friend to everyone and a great part of our Edmonton Community.

David Tensen & Tara Boothby Discuss Publishing, RavenSound, and “Love and Love’s Energy.”

The official launch date of “Love and Love’s Energy” is fast approaching, March 29th, 2024. And so, David Tensen and Tara Boothby decided it was a great time to connect for a vlog and discuss the highs and woes of publishing.

David Tensen is a lovely and well received poet and an energetic entrepreneur. Navagating publishing is definitely one of David’s strengths.

In this video, Tara and David discuss their relationship as David published and mentored Tara through the process of birthing “Love and Love’s Energy.”

Publishing a book is not an easy task. Small publishing houses like Ravensound gift new authors with the opportunity to publish.

for more information on David, his poetry, and Ravensound, check out his website:

David Tensen

You can purchase “Love and Love’s Energy” on Amazon and Kindle.

Felicia Murrell and Tara Boothby Discuss their new books: “And: The Restorative Power of Love in an Either/Or World,” and “Love and Love’s Energy.”

Felicia is a beautiful author, speaker, and editor, who has passionately penned another great book. This vlog gives a glimpse into the budding friendship and collegial respect of two empowered female authors. As well, Felicia is the editor for Tara’s debut book.

If you have had the opportunity to hear Felicia speak before you will enjoy listening in on this conversation. If you have not discovered the loving and authentic voice of Felicia Murrell, this is a great introduction for you.

And if you are a long time friend of Felicia’s, and are just discovering our little vlog, well, we are very glad to have you here. We hope you discover this is a place where you belong.

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We are all included in the same heart of love.