Self Forgiveness.

In this 3 part series Tara is very clear about how we all struggle. We struggle to decide well and we struggle to like ourselves when we get things wrong. We have this in common. Today let’s talk about self forgiveness. What does it meaning to have grace for ourselves? And why is it so […]

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Is This A Good Idea?

Everyday we are faced with many choice points. And, of course, so often we forgot to slow down and consider how to make good decisions. Today is part two in a three part series with Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist at Sojourn Psychology.

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Bad Decision?

A common question after making a mistake is: “Why did I do that?” Bad choices are common, and so is the regret that goes with them. Not fully understanding how we get ourselves into certain situations is also common. Today is part one of a three part series with Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist. This is […]

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November Trauma Check In.

It has been a long strange year. This month is very uncertain and many of us are struggling to know how to respond. let’s check in about trauma. If you are struggling please reach out to your Mental Health Provider. Sojourn Psychology cares about our community! ❤🙏 Check Out Our Website.

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How Are Your Kids Doing?

So much has gone on this fall. And as we all have endured the highs and lows, and the great many unknowns, so have our kids. It is important to keep an eye on all of our mental wellbeing. As we struggle so do our kids. Our Sojourn Team is here to support you and […]

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Isolation Is The Enemy Of Mental Health.

During this global crisis it seems like each month is dappled with brand new struggles. We are being challenged to refocus our boundaries and our bubbles. And the uncertainty of the pandemic, and the uncertainty of the economy is troubling. It is okay to feel troubled. We are all struggling right now. Please don’t struggle […]

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Christmas Strategic.

It is not too early to be planning ahead. We don’t know what Christmas will look like this year. Whether you are a Christmas launcher or a Christmas dragger, this year we are all thinking about everything a bit more. So give yourself permission to pause and reflect. Take time to plan. This winter will […]

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Mental Health Tips For Wintery Days.

Just as winter has sunk its teeth into our province; 2 minutes of excellent Alberta Mental Health advise. Today Megan Just-Mancini, R. Psych, shares her simple plan to keep her own winter blues at bay. The snow is deep, stay safe everyone! Sojourn Psychology,

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Cabin Fever or Panic Attack?

Anxiety can be difficult to understand. It comes on in many different ways. Panic attacks are very serious, but anxiety attacks are much more common and also very uncomfortable. This year, and now this fall and winter, we need to pay attention when anxiety shows up. How are you doing? If you are suffering with […]

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A Mitre of Creativity.

Since March of 2020, and the big lockdown for Alberta, we all have been challenged on priorities and meaning. What is important? What is helpful to our mental wellbeing? Today Kris Crawford, a local Sherwood Park businessman, talks about his fine woodworking, and how his creative talent has helped him cope, or as Kris says […]

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