Where’s The LOVE.

Relationships are difficult. Finding love, falling in love, staying in love, all take effort and risk. no matter our age, it is common for people to feel insecure and vulnerable as we work to gain, strengthen, or rebuild our romantic relationships. Cindy Goodness Zane, PsyD. resides and practices Emotionally Focused Therapy in Oahu, Hawaii. . […]

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Culture, Heritage & Identity.

Have you ever considered how your own history impacts your present life? Not only your personal history but your family and ancestral story. There is great meaning in knowing how we are and with great meaning comes great hope, and this is good for our mental well-being. Cindy Goodness Zane, PsyD. resides and practices Emotionally […]

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3 Interviews With Dr. James Hawkins.

When we start to pay attention to people we begin to find more and more ways to be curious about the human experience. This is the first of three interviews with Dr. Hawkins, LPN. James is a gifted speaker, and certified in EFT as a Therapist, Supervisor and soon to be Trainer. What do we […]

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Why do we get lonely? This is an excellent, short, under 4 minute, explanation that does this topic justice. Katherine Moore is a Registered Provisional Psychologist at Sojourn Psychology. Contact us today for counselling

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What About Family Of Origin?

Understanding our attachment story is complicated. There are many unique events and dynamics for each of us as we look back over our family relationships. Let’s slow it down a bit today and start talking about why we want to understand our family of origin. Do you want support to understand your own attachment story? […]

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Science of Stress Management.

Learn something new or refresh on some of your stress management skills. We have a lot of info coming at you during this two part series. Megan Just-Mancini is always fun to learn from. And, the science behind these simple stress tips is actually super interesting. There is a lot of laughing in this video! […]

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Simple Tips Because School Is Starting!

This video is not just for parents. Do you have teenagers or children in your life? Our kids need all of us supporting them this year. Usually kids have 2 months off school and that is hard enough on their “back to school anxiety”. This year they have had 6 months off. They don’t need […]

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My Life is Out of Control

My Life Is Out Of Control: Part One! One of the most common things I hear right now is: “I’m so exhausted”. Do normal, daily events feel overwhelming for you these days? This little series will help to make sense of this. Today let’s start to understand why we get overwhelmed by unmanageable events, and […]

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Urgent & Emergent Mental Health Care.

Do you know the difference between urgent mental health care and emergent? Do You know when to seek out inpatient mental health services? There has been a great deal of crisis around all of us this year. For some we may need more intensive mental health services. Lisa Rowbottom is a Registered Psychologist at Sojourn […]

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Parenting is Hard!

And it is always surprising what can really get us off track. Some days aren’t even that bad but it just seems like the task of caring for children is so overwhelming. It’s okay to notice that parenting feels like a roller coaster. It’s okay to notice the parental guilt. It’s okay to have grump […]

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