Lockdown Anniversary Prep.

Last March was a very strange time for us in Alberta. Emotions were running high as we watched the COVID-19 story begin to unfold in our Province. Our bodies remember all too well what we went through, and so, we need to be mindful of our emotional and psychological wellbeing as we revisit the month […]

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Hey Momma, How You Doing?

Being a parent is hard. This weekend we have a 2 part series, one for the dads and one for the moms, both helpful for all. Today Tara Boothby, RPsych, talks about the mom mindset and a few keys to managing mom life. If you are struggling in your role as a parent please do […]

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What You Should Know: Dad Life.

Being a parent is hard. This weekend we have a 2 part series, one for the dads and one for the moms, both helpful for all. Today Ellis Chan, RPsych, talks about the dad mindset and a few keys to the dad job description. If you are struggling in your role as a parent please […]

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Visualization: The Spiral Technique.

Sometimes when we are working on trauma people experience pain in their body. There are many useful visualization techniques that have been developed over the years to support trauma work and EMDR. Katherine Moore is a Registered Psychologist and a member of the Sojourn Psychology Team. 780-449-1196 info@sojo.ca

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Marriage Tip: Mining For Gold.

A quick tip on how to elevate our relationship. “Mining for gold” is a concept from EFT. I first heard the term from Gail Palmer, an amazing EFT & EFFT trainer, and a dear mentor of mine. Emotionally Focused Therapy is a model of counselling developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. If you are curious about […]

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“Don’t REDO The Drama” Forgiveness.

There is a lot of pressure to figure out forgiveness. Am I supposed to forgive and forget? Or, forgive and move on? What does it mean to turn the other cheek? The conversation about forgiveness is not clear cut. Especially when relationships have been gravely damaged. This is a good vlog for anyone who has […]

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What The Heck Are Family Values?

Family Goals don’t have to be complicated. Let’s keep things simple as we look at values. A simple definition. A simple strategy. A simple evaluation. And then you can be off and running with your family values strategy. Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist.

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Grumpy Mom Fails.

Checking in with our emotion life is important these days. Being mindful of how we create meaning and celebration is also important. How are you and your family doing? info@sojo.ca BONUS REEL:

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All The Intimacies.

Let’s talk about intimacy baby! As we lead into Valentine’s Day it is a great time to visit this important topic. There is more to intimacy than sex. Join Megan Just-Mancini and Tara Boothby in this great overview of all the intimacies. There are many great Psychologists in the Province of Alberta. If you are […]

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Heartwarming Relationships: Attachment.

One of the hottest topics in psychology is always relationships. We want to know what is going on between us and the people we love, and how to make these connections better. From Bowlby to The Circle of Security to Emotionally Focused Family Therapy, today Tara Boothby, Registered Psychologist, does an overview of the power […]

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