The Power Of Discord: Book Review.

Do you ever wondered what books Psychologists actually read? Our Sojourn Psychology Team is putting together some short discussions on the books that have impacted them this year. Angela Bishop, Registered Psychologist, discusses “The Power Of Discord” by Claudia M. Gold and Edward Tronick.

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Joy Guilt?

Sometimes with major life events it is hard to move on. The days after your wedding or birth of a child, or at different moments after the loss of someone significant. And, even now, some people are noticing how hard it is to enjoy the little, and big, things in life. Take 3 minutes and […]

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Connecting With Others Made Simple.

Do you feel like you can’t remember how to make friends? Maybe you would say it’s just that your a little rusty at having conversations. Here are several good and simple tips to help you get your groove back. Connecting with People in big or small ways is important.

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Look For The Helpers.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” ~Fred Rogers Tara Boothby and Tony Zerbin discuss this amazing Mr. Rogers quote and how to draw meaning and motivation from it.

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Silver Lining Coping.

Are you sick & tired of feeling sick & tired? You are not alone! There seems to be a consistent frustration in the air. If you have 5 minutes then listen in for some inspiration on how to help pull yourself out of this gloomy mindset. Tara Boothby is a Registered Psychologist and The Clinical […]

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The Upside Of Transitions.

Change is not all bad. Some change is AMAZING. And, even though good things transform our life, change is always a process that takes time and energy. Listen in as Dr. Megan Just-Mancini, Registered Psychologist, talks about an amazing transition in her life and the ups and downs of this process.

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Got Selfcare?

This little gem is under a 3 minute watch. And, hey! We can all use some inspiration for selfcare this fall. Having trouble taking care of you? We’ve got a psychologist for that. Sojourn Psychology 780-449-1196

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Coping With Transition.

For many of us the timeline of the past 18 months has been blurred. Some may even say that the events of 2020/2021 have all lumped up together. So much changing and moving. Today Tara Boothby and Tony Zerbin, both members of the Sojourn Psychology Team, talk about transitions and how we are coping.

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Frustrating Transitions.

During COVID coping with transitions has felt complicated. All the change and headlines we have been faced with is stressful. Alberta Psychology VLOG.

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Compassion Fatigue Or COVID Fatigue?

We are noticing a theme with people right now: we are all emotionally exhausted. People are irritated by the things going on and this irritation is blurry. Are we irritated by people, or people helping, or by how COVID is impacting and changing our relationships? This is a 2 part series with Tony Zerbin and […]

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