Specializing in Therapy with Black Youth.

Co-Victims of Homicide. Many of us are touched by painful life events. How can we transform our pain? How can our bodies work through trauma? Can drama help us with our pain? Michelle is a creative and vibrant woman who is focusing her research on working with black youth who are co-victims of homicide. Trauma […]

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Emotionally Focused Therapy Mini Series

Tara Boothby is a registered psychologist and is certified as a emotionally focused therapist and supervisor. These three short videos give a great overview of what EFT is all about, and how it applies to your life. Do you want to explore emotionally focused therapy? Contact us today!

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Rekindling The Honeymoon Connection.

How is your relationship doing? Do you need some inspiration to get your love relationship back on track? Or maybe you are curious for some tips on how to strengthen your bond. Tara Boothby, r.psych and Katherine Moore, registered provisional psychologist are both Emotionally Focused Couples Therapists. Do you want to know more about Couples […]

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Retirement Investment Resources.

Dan Miller, CPA, takes sometime to go through his favorite investment and finance resources. There is a lot to consider about how to manage money, and even more these days. . Retirement income for life, Fredrick Vettese . Your Retirement Income BluePrint, Daryl Diamond . All About Asset Allocation, Richard A Ferri . All About […]

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3 Mini Vlogs For Summer

Happy Long weekend! We are counting down until Canada Day and I hope everyone is looking forward to the summer. It has been a hard few months and we can all use some fun and relaxation. We hope you all are doing well. But if you need anything, let’s connect: Sojourn Psychology

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Pandemic Stress & Goal Setting.

June 2020: Are You Feeling It As Much As I Am? Hey all, How are you doing? Is all this trauma life catching up to you? I Thought I’d share some of my process on how I am working to pull myself out of the slump of my own trauma brain. Let’s get a little […]

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How to Get Unstuck From Fear.

Sometimes we get afraid and everything seems so much harder to do. When we are stuck in our fear we can have a hard time being motivated, or finding a solution. Fear is one of the most common concerns we work through with clients. When we get afraid anxiety and panic can set in and […]

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Parenting Tips Made Practical.

Let’s make this co-regulation thing simple. Take a few minutes to listen in as Stephanie Parent-Chandler, r.pscyh., and Tara Boothby, r.psych, talk through practical actions that work when relationships get stressed. It is important to remember that we have many relationships that we are juggling. So understanding how to connect-in with kids is equally important […]

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Everybody is talking about Daniel Siegel.

Do you know how to explain the different functions of the brian? Today Stephanie Parent-Chandler, registered psychologist, explains to us some of Dr. Siegel’s theory of the brain, and the benefits of co-regulation. The demonstration of how to use the hand to understand the brain is super cool. Do you have any questions about counselling? […]

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Got Forgiveness?

It is tough to understand what makes a good apology. So many times when someone says “I’m sorry” it doesn’t quite seem to meet our need. Maybe understanding the different aspects of forgiveness will help us to take more action to repair our relationships. Today we wined down our three part series. When I think […]

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